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About Team Diekmann



Team Diekmann was started my first season of professional ski racing.

As we all know, there is not a lot of money in the world of professional cross-country skiing. And as I left the Utah Ski Team bubble, where everything I could ask for was paid for, I felt alone in my quest for a spot on the US Ski Team and international racing success. 

However, after reaching out to family and friends, I realized that there was an overwhelming amount of support from those around me that wanted to follow along closely with my skiing journey. The original "Team Diekmann" consisted of those individuals that believed in me from day one. 

Today, Team Diekmann is the growing group of individuals and companies that support my dreams directly through funding and other methods of support. Those of you that have, know who you are, and those of you that want to join the journey can do so by either following this link or contacting me directly

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