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Davos Race Recap

That’s a wrap!

Having finished my race in Davos signifies the close of Period 1 World Cup racing for the 2022-23 season. Four races in four weeks. All of which brought new challenges and lessons along with them.

After two races in Norway (that left me feeling a bit down about the start to my season), I was excited to be heading to Davos, Switzerland. Davos and the Swiss Alps are known for their sunshine. Unless it is snowing, the sun is usually shining. Davos is also at an altitude of 5000 feet, which is very similar to Bozeman. I was excited to possibly have a leg up on my competition by competing at an altitude I am familiar with. On top of it all, I was excited to race the two lap sprint course that Davos is famous for. Everything pointed towards a fun, fast race. Choosing to forget and let go of the two previous races and their poor performances felt like an easy task.

In the days leading up to the race, my batteries were charged by the sun and I felt good in both a speed session and my pre-race intensity session. The body finally felt like it was rested enough to move quickly and with intent. By race day, I was feeling good and ready to race my best.

When I left the gate, I skied smoothly out of the start, up the climb, and back around the corner before the finishing straight. I continued to turn until I was headed back up through the stadium, and repeated each part of the course at what felt like a pace that would put me into the top 30. Unfortunately, when I looked up at the jumbotron, I saw “35” next to my name. Again, just out of qualifying for the rounds.

To be completely honest, there wasn’t anything that I can remember that attributed to me not finishing 0.86 seconds faster that day. I don’t remember any miss-steps, stumbles, or premature scrubbing of speed that took seconds away. I could stew in frustration with the fact that I didn’t qualify. However, I came away from my qualifier in Davos feeling like things are close. My body felt good, my nerves were in check, and my skis were fast. With all of the support I have, and the determination to make it happen, I know that one day, I can qualify for heats on the World Cup. I am also confident that once it does happen, it’ll only get easier and the results will only get better.

So, for now, I will take away all that I have learned over the past 4 weeks and head back to US Nationals in Houghton, Michigan. My body is filled with excitement by the prospect of being in a position to fight for the win. I might not quite be in a place to fight for a World Cup podium, but I am back home at a national level. It’ll be a great opportunity to race amongst my BSF teammates and catch up with them along the way. If I race well enough, I should be able to head back to the World Cup for Period 3. For now, I will enjoy a little time with Grayson and family, and then head to Michigan to truly enjoy some fast racing.

I felt the cheers while in Europe, and I’m sure I’ll feel more over the next few weeks. Thanks for following along!

All of the US Nationals race info (Live feed, live timing/results, race website) can be found HERE.

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